Morning Yoga Routine: Vitality Blast (open level), This sequence has an empowering and rejuvenating effect on the body and mind and is best suited as a morning practice. It starts off with a core-building and hamstring-stretching warm up that brings heat into the joints and promotes optimal energy flow, opening the nerve channels to receive morning life force. Special emphasis is placed on externally and neutrally rotated standing poses that stabilize the ball and socket joints, while strengthening the ligaments and toning the muscles. Proper spinal alignment is stressed, while safe backbends are introduced to energize the body, open the senses outwards, and induce a positive and radiant mood. Furthermore, seated spinal bound twists are interspersed throughout the practice to boost the morning detoxification processes in the body and help eliminate excess waste. The frequent meridian crossings stimulate both brain hemispheres to work in tandem and cultivate a lucid mind and a supple body, ready to start the day fresh and positive. The conclusive forward bends help quiet the mind, manage stress locked in the cells, and foster acceptance. Rejuvenating breathing techniques infuse the routine with psycho-physical benefits. The practice ends standing as a reminder that we are firmly rooted in the present moment that is always exciting and new.,

  1. Beautiful view, but it’s just too fast. I feel like I really need to hold
    the poses to get some use out of them. By the time I figured out what I was
    supposed to be doing, she was on the next pose. I just could not develop
    any rhythm, because it was too fluid for me.

  2. Poses are great. But it is too fast… Also as a trainer i would always
    wear a bra or a thicker shirt. (those nipples…)

  3. Thank you sooo much! Although I’m not yet at this level, I just tried to
    follow and it feels so wonderful
    still practising on the roof? I really like that

  4. This is more for potential practitioners than for the makers of the video
    (from the comments you can see they are well aware of the issues) – but do
    not do this video if you are frustrated by having to look at the video in
    order to follow the flow. The instructions often skip the names of the
    poses, and the right/left cues are sporadic. It’s a very nice flow, but
    again, it’s such a challenge to know what is going on that your first
    go-through will involve plenty of interruptions. According to comments,
    later videos are better. 

  5. I really love your videos, they are advanced enough for me to feel heated
    and open without any strain and I love the variety and flow. They help me
    so much while being on a very busy tour schedule. Thank you so much for
    sharing your art! -Micaela Kingslight

  6. Wow first time doing this flow and I love it! I totally get the frustrating
    bits (wasn’t quite sure how we got to shiva lol) but I’m coming back to do
    it again until it’s fluid. Love it! 

  7. Directions are given a bit too fast. I couldn’t watch and figure out what
    they were doing before they were on to the next pose.

  8. I love your yoga artflow videos…and this is one of my
    favourites…definitely uplifting and revitalizing and the pace is perfect
    for a morning vitality blast…your beautiful mindful short meditations at
    the end of your videos are worded with wisdom and beauty…thank you for
    your gorgeous contribution to the world <3

  9. Thank you for sharing your practice, its so beautiful. One of the best
    “classes”- you keep it centered and spiritual, and varied. I was wondering
    if you might have a practice for opening and aligning all the chakras?

  10. Bummer. Had to stop doing this. I’ve been practicing for 3 years and
    couldn’t keep up with this. Not relaxing. Just downright confusing to try
    and stay with the instructions. I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a class
    that was this fast! Onto another video.

  11. Ohh, I really enjoyed this video. I feel so renewed now 🙂 I could keep up
    with pace, probably because I am used to yogea videos. Namaste

  12. I really love this flow. I feel amazing after it. It is definitely one of
    my favourites. I also really enjoy the evening routine. Thank you for
    making these available to us!

  13. this moves a bit fast – moves like these may need more explanation so
    viewers can built a solid foundation

  14. Sorry but this video starts ok and then feels a bit all over the place –
    too fast for a morning routine! I just had to stop the routine as it seemed
    more stressful than vitalizing. But glad that you’re doing something about
    it – I might come back to this as I liked the creative combination of

  15. great flow, very creative and help loosening my stiff muscles! I find the
    pace just about right. Thanks a lot :)

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