Morning Yoga Routine: Vitality Blast (open level), This sequence has an empowering and rejuvenating effect on the body and mind and is best suited as a morning practice. It starts off with a core-building and hamstring-stretching warm up that brings heat into the joints and promotes optimal energy flow, opening the nerve channels to receive morning life force. Special emphasis is placed on externally and neutrally rotated standing poses that stabilize the ball and socket joints, while strengthening the ligaments and toning the muscles. Proper spinal alignment is stressed, while safe backbends are introduced to energize the body, open the senses outwards, and induce a positive and radiant mood. Furthermore, seated spinal bound twists are interspersed throughout the practice to boost the morning detoxification processes in the body and help eliminate excess waste. The frequent meridian crossings stimulate both brain hemispheres to work in tandem and cultivate a lucid mind and a supple body, ready to start the day fresh and positive. The conclusive forward bends help quiet the mind, manage stress locked in the cells, and foster acceptance. Rejuvenating breathing techniques infuse the routine with psycho-physical benefits. The practice ends standing as a reminder that we are firmly rooted in the present moment that is always exciting and new.,