Hemp fashion is the latest Yoga-wear trend to hit the Yoga studios in California

When you think of hemp clothing, some of you might conjure up thoughts of hemp jeans, hemp shirts or hemp yoga pants. Hemp is a superabundant, versatile and renewable natural resource. In recent decades, hemp has become a trendy commercial crop in America, and hemp clothing has become a hot new trend. However, hemp clothing isn’t always a comfortable and stylish choice.

Recently, on December 21, 2021, hemp officially became a legalized commercial crop in the United States after a very long and disjoint history of being branded scandalous. First, we look at the stereotype around hemp clothing and then we discuss how hemp clothing feels and behaves. As the country moves closer towards hemp clothing mainstream, there are plenty of options for those of us looking for hemp clothes. hemp clothes are available for men, women, teens and children.

While there are some issues surrounding hemp clothing, the benefits far outstrip any fears or misgivings one may have. In fact, the benefits of this exciting crop for the Yoga Studio far outweigh any potential problems it may encounter. First of all, hemp Yoga clothing is a completely natural, renewable resource. Secondly, hemp clothing doesn’t contribute to the ongoing environmental pollution or the resource depletion that other products do – and as Yoga freaks we love this don’t we? Lastly, hemp clothing uses production practices that use less water, energy and pesticides than traditional cotton production, which is ultimately good for the soil and our health. If we are into Yoga, we must be into the environment, as we bring our awareness to our mind and body, we see we are one with our environment – and so we care about sustainability. Hemp clothing meets this requirement, so the next time you go looking for a pair of Yoga pants – think hemp.