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Experience Wellness with Yoga & Meditation Workshops & Retreats


At Sunray™ we combine Yoga (practice and theory) with Western

psychotherapy, Western science and Eastern philosophy-

the fundamental theoretical and practical approaches to Mind, Body and

Spirit- the return to wholeness. 

Sunray™ gives you the most profound experience of transformation.



Our group Retreats & Workshops offer a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on nutrition, exercise, meditation, yogic

breathing techniquesself-awareness and positive thinking.



We are dedicated to help you increase your self-esteem, confidence ,

physical health and wellbeing. We are delighted to assist you in your individual

journey towards inner-peace and happiness.



We ensure that you have the skills and knowledge you need to take you on

your journey to healing and transformation and to maintain your new

healthy lifestyle.



All our residential retreats include individual support and (optional)

counselling to ensure you get the most of your Sunray™ experience.




A turning point..

A new day, a new start, a new you !



What others are saying..........

"Best workshop I've ever done"

"Great presenter who worked hard with the group - EXCELLENT on every level"

"Worthwhile experience"

" So much value for so little"

'Im already applying the changes to my life"



        Dr Oliver Rivers invites you to discover your inner peace and happiness by                                           introducing yoga as a broad life philosophy



     Sunray™ workshops & residential retreats              



1. The Ten Principles of     Wellbeing

     ( Workshop / Retreat )

Yoga, Meditation and Green salad on the side. A holistic approach to wellbeing

(Available for beginners & experienced yoga students)



2. Two in One Boat - A         Journey Beyond the Ego

   ( Workshop / Retreat )

A workshop for couples, enhances affection, closeness and friendship




3. The Path of Success

     ( Workshop / Retreat )

Empowers you to apply success to your life or business




4. Awakening the Chakras

       ( Workshop / Retreat )

A breakthrough in your personal life by using the spiritual map of the 7 Chakras



5. A Pregnant Couple

     ( Workshop )

Providing a supportive space for pregnant women and their partners, and preparing them towards birth and parenthood



    6. Cancer - A Call for a         Change  

            ( Workshop / Retreat )

       A powerful, nurturing and meaningful        experience for people who experience        cancer and their companion

       Please see our yealy schedule for cancer         wellbeing Retreats & workshops 


     For more details, please       contact us at:

      07- 55 200 571

      0459- 777 327



Sunrayensures that clients receive the skills and knowledge to assist them on their journey towards healing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Morning yoga, 6:30am, in our beautiful residential retreat

                                Residential Retreat (this time outdoors) May 2012


Sunrayworkshops and residential retreats offer a holistic view promoting general wellbeing: natural foods, exercise, yoga and meditation combined with spiritual and psychological self-awareness, positive thinking philosophy and techniques and an on-going pursuit of self-actualisation.



Secure an early bird registration for an unforgettable

                       'NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION' retreat

                                    06/01/14 - 12/01/14  





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